Folding. Reinvented, defined and Personalised.



We fabricate concept furniture that fit the apartment of Korbon Dallas (Bruce Willis) in the movie The Fifth Element (1997). Designed to effectively benefit every square meter in addition to having enough seats in your apartment, house or venue.



With our eye on the near future, where living space will become scares, we aim to change every day life by creating a well balanced product that benefits society.



Recycled and Environmentally Balanced Injection Moulding



Because the human race is destroying the surface of this planet, we at Sarilyne came up with a possible solutions to tackle the plastic problem. Rather than working against the current system or depending on governments to fix the plastic problem, we take the lead and show it is up to us, individuals, to come up with solutions. We combined several existing technologies and implemented some basic techniques to redesign injection moulding. More detailed information and products will follow soon.




Artistic Side 

‘TOSKYO’ Is a photographical exhibition that visualises futuristic architectural constructions designed to float in air and space. This artistic concept grew in a timespan of 3 years while living and working in Tokyo.

 Dusty not Musty

Unique assortiment of vintage pieces