futuristic architectural photography that visualises constructions designed to float in air and space. This concept grew in a timespan of 3 years while living and working in Tokyo.

In a few hundred years earth will be overpopulated. There is no more land left to build on but the demand for housing on or near Earth increases extensively. Skyscrapers thought to have been the solution to this problem but they will have to adapt. By manipulating existing architecture and integrating my love for photography and symmetry, two dozen designs where born to show the world what the future will hold.


Embassy of Belgium in Tokyo

ToSkyo, by the Belgian designer and creative artist Sander Nevejans. The exhibition Shows the artist’s first architectural photography project created during his three years’ stay in the heart of Tokyo.

Sander is a multidisciplinary designer and creative artist currently working in Tokyo.His latest work ‘TOSKYO’ is his first photography project. It reshapes today’s architecture and visualizes the future impact global overpopulation might have on urban architecture.

Pictures by Nik van der Giesen

Commune 2nd Tokyo

 158th PechaKucha Tokyo

At PechaKucha Sander shared his work ‘ToSkyo’: his first photographical project that reshapes today’s architecture and visualises what will happen when the world will be overpopulated in the near future. He talked about the concept, how he created the images and share his vision for the future of architecture and design.